How to spot a smoke-free high-rise: Look for this sticker


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December 11, 2012

How to spot a smoke-free high-rise: Look for this sticker BrickUnderground Article by Lucy Cohen Blatter

How to spot a smoke-free high-rise: Look for this sticker

The Caroline, a smoke-free 431-unit luxury rental in the Flatiron district of Manhattan, is among 14 NYC apartment buildings to receive the American Cancer Society’s new Healthy High Rise designation. We’ve covered smoke-free buildings on BrickUnderground before–even compiling our own list of NYC apartment buildings that have totally banned smoking–so the new “Healthy High-Rise Program” from the American Cancer Society caught our eye. Through the program, high-rise hunters will be able to tell at a glance if the building they’re considering living in is 100% smoke-free. In addition to bragging rights, buildings that meet the criteria are given a Healthy High-Rises decal for display in the front window. According to the American Cancer Society, smoke-free housing has become an increasing trend in the real estate industry (a trend we can confirm). “Secondhand smoke permeates walls and crevices in multi-unit residential housing and poses a significant health threat,” Dr. Fred Jacobs of the American Cancer Society of NY & NJ said in the American Cancer Society press release announcing the program. “While health is a major concern, so is money. Smoke-free buildings are cost-effective because they require less maintenance and result in happier tenants.” The 14 buildings below are slated to be the first recipients of the Healthy High-Rises designation. All but the first one are rentals. Ariel West Condominium, 245 West 99th Street 1510 Lexington Ave. @ Carnegie Hill Place, 1510 Lexington Ave. at 97th Street Caroline Apartments, 210 Sherman Ave., Inwood River Court, 1065 Gerard Ave., Bronx Gerard, 1075 Gerard Ave., Bronx The Atrium East, 153 E. 32nd St. Falcon Tower, 245 E. 44th St. Gramercy Park Lofts, 270 Park Ave. South New York Plaza, Two Water St. New York Tower, 330 E. 39th St. The Caroline, 60 W. 23rd St. Tower 67, 145 W. 67th St. The Eltona, 429 E. 156th St., Bronx Arbor House, 770 E. 166th St. Bronx (no website) For more buildings that have banned smoking, check out our previous post on the topic. You can also search for “non-smoking” or “smoke-free” rentals, and “non-smoking” or “smoke-free” co-ops/condos. Interested in turning your rental, co-op or condo building into a smoke-free zone? has some helpful guides on how to go to about it.