What Is Green?

“Green” has come to stand for environmentally sensitive and sustainable operations that preserve the earth’s valuable resources and its ability to support life. Green practices are essential to human well-being and a healthier lifestyle. 1510 Lex wholly supports green initiatives, is proud to be NYC’s first non-smoking residential building and has achieved LEED Silver Certification.

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Green Building Features


  • Triple-Pane, Thermally-Efficient, Extra Quiet Windows
  • Energy Star Appliances, including Washer/Dryers as well as Energy Efficient Lighting Resulting in Lower Electric Bills for Tenants
  • Well Insulated Residences with Individually Controlled, Energy Star Fan Coil Units with Thermostatic Controls in Every Living Room, Bedroom and Den
  • Secondary Water Filtration Provided via Refrigerator in Each Residence for Drinking Water Dispenser & Automatic Ice Makers
  • Water Conserving Dual Flush Toilets as well as Faucets and Shower Heads in All Residences
  • An Abundance of Natural Light in All Residences Achieved via Expansive Window Walls with Custom Mini-Blinds Provided for All Windows


  • Close Access to NYC Mass Transit (both Subway and Buses) and Connectivity to Existing Community Services
  • Building-Wide Water Filtration System
  • Ban on Smoking Throughout Building, Including Inside Residences, Eliminating the Problems/Issues Associated with Controlling Environmental Tobacco Smoke – A First for New York City!!
  • Naturally Lit Residential Corridors & Elevator Lobbies on All Floors
  • Motion Sensor-Controlled Lighting in Residential Corridors and Fire Stair Towers to Lower Lighting Levels When Areas Are Unoccupied
  • Green Roofing Systems Incorporating Water Efficient Landscaping as well as Highly Reflective (High SRI) Materials Providing Natural Insulation for Building and Reducing Heat Island Effect
  • NYC Standard Recycling Plus Extra Opportunities for Tenants – Clothing, Linens, Shoes, Wire Hangers as well as Batteries
  • Use of Environmentally-Friendly Products & Services Whenever Choice is Available (Building Management & Maintenance Supplies, Cleaning Products, Pest Management Services, Etc.)
  • Incorporation of On-Site Garage & Bicycle Storage
  • Inclusion of Priority Parking Spaces for Hybrid and Fuel Efficient Vehicles as well as the Capability for the Charging of Electric Cars in the Garage
  • Commitment by Building Ownership and Management to Educate Building Tenants and Visitors About Green Features and Benefits


  • LEED-Compliant Building Materials and Products (Paints, Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Roof Pavers, Insulation, Carpeting, Cleaning Products, Etc.)
  • Building Materials and Finishes Low in Volatile Organic Compounds (“VOCs”) Resulting in Improved Air Quality and Healthier Living for Building Residents with Testing/Monitoring of Air Quality During Construction
  • Purchase of Local Products and Materials Whenever Possible
  • Commissioning Process Insuring that Building Systems Operate as Specified When Purchased
  • Recycling of Building Materials and Construction Waste Management to Minimize Environmental Impact